Your reputation, expertise, and brand must resonate as one. It is the  unified expression of the superior experience others are left with when they meet you.

You Deserve To Succeed

Protect Your Most Strategic Asset - Your Reputation

I work with business owners, CPAs, Lawyers and other professionals. I am a reputation advisor to professionals and entrepreneurs.

I build wealth for my clients by leveraging their potential and maximizing opportunities to positively influence client preferences.

I also work closely to ensure their expertise, reputation and brand are aligned to maximize opportunities to generate leads.

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"Almost all professionals I have worked with considered themselves experts. Unfortunately, few can explain the experience they offer that supports this or how to verify it. This gap is limiting their potential and negatively influencing buyer preferences."
- Richard Quigley
Align the direction your future is takingALIGNMENT

There are three things that must be in alignment for you to achieve success; your expertise, reputation and brand. You have most likely already invested heavily in all 3 areas. Now you must make sure they are all in synch so that you consistently engage your audience with superior experiences that will be memorable and repeated. Let's work together to turn positive experiences into meaningful leads.

I will work with you to get a personal marketing plan in place to improve your market presence, be consistent with your brand, generate leads and help with closing opportunities. We stay connected on calls every 2 weeks that are designed to review, react, rejig or reward based on how you are doing compared to plan.

You will be expected to move forward or you will get your butt kicked. (Always in a positive and supportive manner). Call for a meeting to have a discussion about where you want to go.

Scale you marketing to your needsREPUTATION MANAGEMENT

It is very difficult to articulate what your reputation is right now. It is only slightly less difficult to state what you want your reputation to be. Using a 5 step process I work with my clients to build, manage and protect their reputation and personal brand. You must own your reputation because if you don't decide what it is, someone else will do it for you. It is much less expensive to build your rotation thanrepair it.  

Are you ready and able to respond to opportunities that require proposals and pitch presentations? To respond to an RFP for the government, not-for-profit or private sector requires specific skills that most companies do not have in-house.  I can help you get a process in place to respond to RFPs on a timely basis and improve your chances of being successful. I can also help with the management of your proposals.  Don't pass on good opportunities because you don't have full-time resources at hand to respond to RFPs.

Ensure all your BD efforts are generating leadsLEAD GENERATION

Your investment in branding, websites, blogs, social media, business development, advertising, and sponsorships have 2 characteristics in common. They have to be part of a cohesive strategy, and  they have to result in generating meaningful leads. Otherwise they are not the best use of your money. If you are not able to generate the leads you feel should be there, lets talk.

Having a website, LinkedIn account, blog and Twitter handle only means you have done the most basic marketing and branding task - you have created online brochures.  For any of these tools to be dynamic business development drivers that will generate leads, they must be constantly refreshed with new and relevant content. A website that never changes is like a pool that never has fresh water circulated through it. It becomes stale, uninteresting and not worth coming back to. I can help you implememt a digiital strategy, create content and improve your online  visibility.